17 Best Dating Books For Guys

Improving your ability in any area, such as your ability to attract older women, is not an easy task and requires commitment. Just like building a muscular physique requires proper exercise, diet, rest, and discipline so does building a skill set that makes attracting women automatic. How to Win Friends & Influence People does a great job of giving you specific techniques in addition to broader principles. You will be hard pressed to read this book without a number of highly impactful techniques and mindsets that will make a big difference in your interactions with women. If you are going to read one book on this list this is the one.

Now start researching but remember book smarts alone aren’t always enough. You must combine book smarts with experience to have a more fruitful outcome. There is no dating book that will make you an interesting, confident, passionate and attractive man. Stop worrying about “techniques” and how to pull/make a girl fall in love with you/all this bollocking and become the man you would want to date if you were a woman.

With good looks, confidence, and money, your chances are good. Biggest success rate change for me was learning to be forward–not submissive (/r/TheRedPill, Models, etc). You’ve made it very obvious to him that he has absolutely no need to pursue you. Now he’s just testing to see how little he can get away with doing and still keep you as his girlfriend.

Judging by these questions, you seem to be a little misguided. Many people in the pickup community started down this road after they read Neil Strauss’ “The game”. My personal advice is to start with more foundational inner-game concepts about seduction, and then move on to the more applicable outter-game techniques later.

Foundational concepts to pickup are rooted in evolutionary bio/psych. I would recommend reading Mark Manson’s Models. Trust me, I wouldn’t recommend Models if it wasn’t worth the time and money. These concepts could change your entire prospective on how social interactions really work, and sometimes thats all you need. Once you’ve mastered the art of talking to women you need to master yourself and better understand relationships.

Either way, in my opinion, this is the best book on generating wealth in existence. If you buy ANYTHING from this article, buy this book. Too often do men only invest in wealth investments, and they don’t realize that your greatest investment is YOURSELF! If you invest in the stock market, sure you’ll get some extra money.

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